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Accepting orders

$5/lb hanging weight for whole or half orders (whole is ~350lbs hanging weight, 175lbs of meat to take home). For whole or half beef orders, we will send you a cutting instructions sheet to fill out with your preferences. A deposit of $100 will hold your order.

$250 for a 25lb mixed box. A mixed box includes roughly: 2 roasts, 8-10 steaks, 8lbs ground beef, 2lbs stewing beef, a package of shanks and a package of braising ribs.

Our small herd of Black Angus cattle joined our farm in 2012. Coming from hardy stock of grass-fed cattle, our cows are 100% grass-fed and finished which means they are given no grain in their diet. From May-November they are pastured on our 70 acre farm where we rotate them through paddocks to ensure they have a constant supply of fresh grass and legumes as well as access to clean water and mineral. During the winter months they are fed hay which we cut from our certified organic hay fields. They are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Our calves are born in the spring and roam the pastures on our farm for a year and a half before butchering. We butcher annually in December.

Cattle are ruminants and thus are designed to eat only grass. They have difficulty digesting grains and frequently suffer health problems as a result of fattening on grain. In terms of health benefits, when a ruminant is taken off pasture and fed grain, it loses its store of vitamins E, beta-carotene, CLA, and omega-3's making it far less nutritionally beneficial for human consumption. In addition, feeding grain to cattle makes the E. coli bacteria more virulent by making it resistant to the natural protection our stomach acids provide.

Flavour and most of the health benefits of grass-fed beef come from the fat. Marbling occurs only in a truly "finished" animal, one that has been harvested at maturity and has gained over 1.7lbs per day for the 60-70days prior to harvesting. For English beef breeds such as the Angus, this will typically be around 18 months of age.


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