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reroot organic farm is a 70 acre property located on silt-loam soil in Harriston, Ontario in the north part of Wellington County. Our farm is a small, diversified operation allowing us to produce a variety of high quality food and market it all locally. The farm consists of 5 acres of certified organic produce; lush green pastures, productive hayfields, a beautiful cedar bush, a small creek and a gorgeous old bank barn. We grow more then 40 types of vegetables and herbs; produce a wide-range of fruit; raise chickens, laying hens, pigs, and beef cattle outdoors on pasture; and keep honeybees to pollinate our crops and produce tasty honey. We also offer hands-on farm internships to help foster the next generation of sustainable farmers. We love to have visitors to the farm, just contact us to make sure we'll be around.

Our new on-farm store is now open and features our great reroot products as well as other local, organic products from neighbouring farms.

The Farm

your farmer

Your Farmer, Caitlin HallCaitlin Hall is the farmer at reroot organic farm. She has been farming organically since 2004 when she embarked on her first farm apprenticeship. Since then, she has worked on a variety of farms in Southwestern Ontario expanding her skills and knowledge in organic agriculture. In 2007 she started reroot organic CSA on land borrowed from Mapleton's Organic Dairy and in 2010 she purchased her own 70-acre farm in Harriston, ON. During her farming career, Caitlin's passion for producing good food has only grown and she is excited to grow food for her community.

Caitlin grew up in the suburbs and first became interested in food and farming from an environmental perspective. She has a BES in Environment and Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo, and is involved with a variety of food and farming related initiatives.

Caitlin, her husband Tony and their young daughter Ivy along with a gaggle of freindly dogs now make up the hands and hearts at reroot farm.

how we farm

At reroot organic farm, we strive to produce food in ways that protect natural ecological processes, re-juvenate the soil, and ensure the health and happiness of our animals. Our produce is certified organic under the Canadian Organic Standards by Eco-Cert and we practice crop rotation, cover cropping, and composting. In addition, we do not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers instead relying on healthy soil to produce healthy plants and using physical barriers, and mechanical cultivation techniques to control pests. Our animals are not certified organic as we currently do not produce enough to justify the organic certification fees. They are however raised outdoors on green pastures, given access to fresh water and shelter, and fed high-quality, GMO-free grains. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones and don't engage in any mutilation techniques such as tail-docking, beak-trimming or de-horning commonly used on conventional farms.

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where to find our food

Our Farm Store

Our Farm Store


5642 11th Line, Harriston


Open daily, 9am-6pm (self-serve)

Elora Farmers' Market


Bissell Park, 127 Mill St. E., Elora


Saturdays, 9am-1pm May-December

Taste Real

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Phone, or Text (preferred): 519-820-1891

5642 11th Line
Harriston, ON
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